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The Host


Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi 

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    Sirisha is happy to skip the cooking as she nestles down with a good book. She likes to take long, impromptu road trips with her family and has crisscrossed through 26 states in the US. Her interest in visiting US National parks and old European cities grew out of her childhood years surrounded by a veritable forest with frequently wandering deer and lots of mischievious monkeys.


    Biking in suburbia, she gets nostalgic thinking of the long bike rides with her school friends, movies watched under the night sky and late night ice cream runs with her parents and sister.  As such, she misses the warm, muggy mornings in Chennai (Madras), which she has traded for the scorching summers and temperate winters of the US.  


    Sirisha did her Bachelors and Masters in Physics in India and traversed the ocean to pursue graduate studies in the US.  She has a Masters and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  Sirisha has been working in the tech industry for close to 20 years in various engineering and leadership roles.  Her greatest joy at work is building strong, diverse, collaborative teams and watching them flourish as they set off on new adventures. 


  Women, Career & Life was born out of a passion for finding answers to the seemingly simple  questions we often face.  It can sometimes be challenging to share our thoughts with, and seek advice from our friends.  When we want to make a change it may be best to step outside our close knit groups, to get a  different perspective and to find an alternate truth or solution.  To be honest, Sirisha just likes chatting with people, asking them inquisitive, inclusive and  insightful questions. 


    The podcast is the result of Sirisha's thirst for knowledge and the need to share intimate stories, that can aid us on our varied journey's through career and life.

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